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Social Responsibility and Sustainability Programme: The Case of Malaysian Universities
Authors: Maya Khemlani David, Francisco Perlas Dumanig, Abdul Latif Sukri Samsuri,  Linda Alfarero Lumayag


Negotiating Communication and Building Relation Across Cultures
Author: Mabel P. Victoria


Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR): Creating Venues for Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Stewardship
Authors: Angela Grace Toledo-Bruno, Eva N. Mendoza, and Alisa M. Cabacungan


Community Participation in and Assessment of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives in Bukidnon
Authors: Eva N. Mendoza, Angela Grace Toledo-Bruno, and Alisa M. Cabacungan


Adoption of Agroforestry Farm Models in Bukidnon: Its Implication to Ecological Services
Authors: Jupiter V. Casas, Rico A. Marin, Angela Grace Toledo-Bruno, Laarni Lacandula, and Rodriga G. Aguinsatan


Documentation and Digitalization of Cultural Materials in the Anthropological Museum of Central Mindanao University
uthors: Vellorimo J. Suminguit


Students’ Writing Performance in Selected Prewriting Settings
Authors: Alma Cita B. S. Calimbo, Mayflor D. P. Arambala, and Amita B. Sususco


Students’ Beliefs and Mathematics Performance in a Process-Oriented Guided-Inquiry Learning (POGIL) Environment
Authors: Jenyliza J. Tan-Ucang, and Denis A. Tan





Central Mindanao University Journal of Science

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