Volume 12 No.2

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On Central Polygonal Numbers
Authors: Conrado A. Duque, Jr. & Letecia J. Tan

Tracer Study of graduates of Central Mindanao University Teacher Education Program (1990-2000)
Authors: Elsie P. Laurente, Anthony M. Penaso & Nenita I. Prado

Constraints to Feedback Provisions on Agroforestry Technologies among farmers in Three Selected States of Nigeria
Authors: I.O. Oladele and A.O Adu

[/showhide type="link2" more_text="Abstract" less_text="Show less"]The study examines the constraints to the provision of feedback on agroforestry technologies as a necessary way of overcoming the gap between farmers and researchers in three selected states of Nigeria. Feedback is the pattern of relating information from farmers to the researchers once the farmers have received or adopted the innovation.

A simple random sampling technique to select 163 farmers and the interview schedule to collect demographic data and feedback provision variables were used in the study. The Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) was employed to analyze the results. The Chi-Square for variables at the nominal level and Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) for the interval level were used, respectively. The Multiple Regression Analysis was used to determine the contribution of the independent variables to explain the variance in the dependent variable.

The result of the Chi-Square shows that gender, age, marital status and educational level of farmers are significantly related to constraints to provision of feedback (X2=12.42 p = 0.03; X2 = 6.22 p = 0.04; X2 = 13.94 p =0.00; X2 = 33.94 p = 0.00, respectively). From the multiple regression analysis, the Double-log function was taken as the lead equation due to the fact that 67 percent of constraints to feedback provision were explained by the independent variables. Only farm size (t-value=-3.31, <0.05), education (t-value=3.84, <0.05) had a significant relationship with constraints to feedback.

The results indicate that majority of the farmers do not provide feedback on these technologies. The prominent constraint was the absence or insufficient organized efforts to obtain feedback on these technologies and on the dissemination process. It is recommended that feedback should be conducted as an integral part of the technology transfer process and not reduced to incidental occurrences.

Keywords: feedback provisions, agroforestry technologies, farmers, Nigeria[/showhide]

Adaptation Trials of the Wet-Direct Seeded Rice Breeding Lines under High Nitrogen and Nitrogen Level Based on Leaf Color Chart
Author: Eliseo A. Dispo

Offshore Activities at Otuo Field- Oil Exploitation of Niger Delta, Nigeria: Impact on Biodiversity
Authors: G.A. Lameed and M.G. Olujide

This post has already been read 31722 times!

Central Mindanao University Journal of Science

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