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Compressive Strength of Concrete Blended with Bagasse Ash and Lime

Authors: Einstine M. Opiso, Reinerio P. Supremo, & Gladys G. Silabay

Keywords: blending ratio, cement, eco-concrete, industrial wastes

Assessment of Fishery Resources and Trophic Status of Bukidnon Lake, Central Mindanao, Philippines

Authors: Victoria T. Quimpang & Maridol R. Gregorio

Keywords: Physicochemical, Chlorophyll a, primary production, fish production, Lake Trophy

Diversity and Assessment of Trees in One-Hectare Plot in Mt. Musuan, Bukidnon: Basis for Long-Term Monitoring and Conservation

Authors: Victor B. Amoroso, Ricardo G. Villar, & Lowell G. Aribal

Keywords: Inventory, Species Richness, Status, Tree Profile

Runoff and Sediment Yield Modeling Using GeoWEPP ni Mapawa Catchment

Author: George R. Puno

Keywords: DEM, GeoW EPP, GIS, runoff, sediment yield

Soil Organic Carbon Stock of Major Agricultural Land Use Types in Bukidnon, Philippines

Author: Jose Hermis P. Patricio

Keywords: climate change, SOC, agricultural plantations, Bukidnon

The Average of the 2nd and 4th Power of Norms of Polynomials with Coefficients in {0,1} and {0,i} on the Boundary of the Unit Disc 

Authors: Alnar L. Detalla, Anthony M. Penaso, Braullo D. Peñalosa, Noel C. Sieras, & Cerina A. Villarta

Central Mindanao University Journal of Science