Sustained and Non-Sustained Silent Reading and Students' Reading
Authors: Jeneifer C. Nueva & Jasmin S. Fabricante

Keywords: Sustained silent reading, comprehension, reflective journal

Coherence of Pre-service Teachers' Conceptions of Mathematics and Its Teaching
Authors: Denis A. Tan, Raul C. Orongan, & Daisy A. Guayan

Keywords: Pre-service teachers, Mathematics Teaching, Conception

Compliance to Essential Intrapartum and Newborn Care in Government Facilities
Authors: Pilar V. Domagsang, Donald G. Camatura, Ethiline N. Bariñan, & Melissa Jane J. Majestrado

Keywords: Essential Intrapartum, Newborn Care, Compliance

Mobilizing Women in a Local Setting: A Case in Bukidnon
Authors: Eva N. Mendoza, Alisa M. Cabacungan, & Angelita I. Jacobe

Keywords: Women, Organization, Mobilization, Local setting