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Occurrence of Threatened, Endemic, and Economic Seed Plants in Selected Mountains in Mindanao, Philippines
Authors: Hannah P. Lumista, Reggie Y. Dela Cruz, Florfe M. Acma, & Victor B. Amoroso 

Production of Compressed Stabilized Earth Block (CSEB) from Pulangui Reservoir Alluvial Sediments using Coal Fly Ash to Cement as Binder
Authors: Einstine M. Opiso, Reinerio P. Supremo, Neil P. Dacquiado, Eva N. Mendoza, & King Jehu II Q. Radaza   
Ecological Footprint of Residents in a University Town in Mindanao, Philippines
Authors Angela Grace T. Bruno, Michael Arieh P. Medina, & Jose Hermis P. Patricio         

Investigating the Digital Divide in a Rural Community in the Philippines
Authors: Mae Marie P. Talandron, Yolanda C. Tautho, & Celso C. Tautho

Third-Point Load Effect on Bending Moment of Slotted Ferrocement Beam
Author: Leoncio Mariano C. Acma

Kibalagon Creek Catchment Basin Characterization
AuthorsNelsa J. Olila, Perfecto B. Bojo, Rodrigo C. Bayawa, & Rex O. Yadao      


Central Mindanao University Journal of Science